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(719) 591-7481

Thursday, SEPT 7,

and Friday SEPT 8 7:00 PM

All week June 26-30
at Focus on the Family

Administration Building

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Upcoming Events

36th Annual MEF Word and

Worship Conference

June 26-30, 2017

Focus on the Family | Colorado Springs, CO


Collingsworth Family

September 7-8, 2017 | TBA

North Denver Area  | Colorado Springs, CO



PRESENTED BY one voice mission
(previously MEF)

Ministry Partners with One Voice Mission

Thank You for the 35th Annual Word & Worship Conference!


35 Years and Counting!

35 YEARS…a milestone in human terms…a God thing in spiritual terms! Most ministries don’t last this long. They fold for many reasons…lack of funding, lack of relevancy, the founder dies or moves on to other things. etc.  But for some reason, God has had His hand on MEF.  By His grace, He has seen fit to keep us funded, relevant and alive. Hallelujah!

The 35th MEF Word and Worship Conference was evidence of this…one of the truly great conferences in our history. The preaching was Spirit filled and the music was some of the greatest we’ve ever experienced.

Now, if the Lord wills, we’re on to 2017.  Brad McClain will be with us, along with Dr. Johnny Hunt,
the Burchfields, Babbie Mason and more. Mark your calendar now for the last week of June 2017…
June 26-30, 2017.

 To God be the Glory!


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