The One Voice Hymnal Family of Products is a masterwork collection of some of the most beloved hymns and gospel songs of all time. It is the complete resource for personal devotion, corporate worship, and extended ministry.

The One Voice-The People of God Sing recordings add a unique dimension to the One Voice Hymnal project. As far as we know, this is the only Hymnal project to have an entire recording companion.

With the 12 CD set, a One Voice Hymnal and a boombox or smartphone, you are ready for personal devotion or to lead corporate worship. This is also the perfect resource for ministry to assisted living homes, nursing homes, shut-ins and hospitals.

The One Voice Hymnal Family of Products supports the work of indigenous missionaries in India.


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Raise up worshipers of Jesus Christ around the World



Sponsor conferences, concerts and seminars to exalt Jesus Christ and His word, to call believers to serve the disenfranchised and to engage in the global work of “finishing the task” of world evangelization.


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