Bibles for Iran

 Iran, the #1 state sponsor of terrorism in the world is also the country with the fastest growing church of Jesus Christ in the world. Ironic isn't it?  But isn't that God's way?  Behind the scenes of everyday life in the world,
God is at work.  And it matters not the regime that governs,
God is at work in bringing His chosen ones home.  

An incredible opportunity has been opened to us to get God's word to the Iranian people.  We can't go there,
but we can send God's word there...and we must!  The photos below depict the process.  

Bibles in the Farsi language are shipped to undisclosed locations.  Then they are smuggled in...
sometimes over the mountains.  Once they arrive, courageous men and women
are distributing these Bibles to villages across Iran.   
The goal is a minimum of 100 Bibles per village.  For just $5 per Bible you can send God's word to a waiting villager.  
A $500 investment would cover the cost of a whole village.  Can you think of a more strategic investment?
Click the link below and give the most generous gift you can!

Frontline Missionaries Ready to Go


Who We Are

One Voice Mission Is a "Great Commission" ministry investing in indigenous frontline ministries  who are focused on making disciples of Jesus Christ and establishing His church among the peoples where He is yet unknown. 
Bibles for the Unreached

What We Do

One Voice Mission is supporting frontline indigenous missionaries and equipping them with Bibles, teaching and training tools, and transportation resources needed to make disciples of Jesus Christ and establish His church.

Gospel Heroes

What's Different

The indigenous missionary who is called of God to go, who shares the same or similar language and culture with the people they are going to reach, is far better equipped to do so than anyone else. We believe the indigenous frontline church will finish the gospel work in the world and we are committed to helping them accomplish it!